Who We Are


The Agency of Investment Development and Promotion of Exports “Chubut to the World” is a society of mixed economy created by the provincial law I N° 667.

Chubut in the World has as its mission to promote and disseminate internationally the products and companies of the Chubut and aim to attract investment, increase exports, to promote the diversification of the productive matrix and attend to the companies for their internationalization.

To do this, we work on the following points:

  • We promote actions to promote trade and International link
  • We Conduct Trainings
  • We provide technical assistance
  • We run programs
  • We create strategic reports
  • We work collaboratively to put National bodies


Poder Ejecutivo

Presidente: Eduardo Arzani

Gobernador de la Provincia del Chubut

Escribano Mariano Arcioni

Lic. Leandro Cavaco

Ministro de Agricultura, Ganadería, Industria y Comercio

Lic. Leandro Cavaco


Agency of Investment Development and Promotion of Exports

Presidente: Eduardo Arzani


Eduardo Arzani

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