Who we are

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Social reason: TACKER S.R.L.

CUIT / CUIL: 30657819049

Fantasy name or Trademark: TACKER

Company profile: Produces and commercializes Products

Name and Surname: Eduardo Morales, Juliana Lovagnini

Charge and Sector of the Responsible: CEO

Phone and Internal: +54 297 4484762

Locality: Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut

Zip Code: 9000

Corporate domicile or Headquarters, Local production: Los Constituyentes Nº 84 - CP (9000) - Comodoro Rivadavia ›

Corporate Email or Area Responsible: emorales@tackertools.com

Business phone: +54 297 4484762

Associations and Certifications

What We Offer

Sector - 1: Machines and appliances, electrical equipment

Sector - 2:

Sector - 3:

Tariff Position: 7307 , 7312 , 7315 , 8483 , 8505 , 8481

Description of the Product or Service that is Exported: Servicios petroleros. Herramientas especiales para la industria petrolera. Accesorios de producción, anclajes, elementos de reparación, instalaciones selectivas, packer hidráulico y mecánico.




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